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27 years old
Albay, Philippines

I am very hardworking and responsible in everything I do. I always make sure that I am doing my best based on my capabilities. I am not a perfect person and I think no one is. I have my flaws also, like I get disappointed when I think I failed to do my task and so I strive more to attain my dreams and what I want for my family. I am a family oriented person. I always want the best for them. I hate making mistakes that might disappoint them or to anyone  who is expecting or trusting me. I don’t want to complicate things, I always choose what is right and what must be. I truly believe that in every kindness there’s something good that will return it to you that’s why I choose to be kind always. I am a team player and easily get along with others, especially if I know they are a good influence on me. Yes, I love cooking and I feel good vibes whenever I am cooking. I am a fast learner also and can easily adapt to any situation that I might encounter. I am so open to new things and experiences that will help me grow more as an individual.

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