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26 years old
Batangas, Philippines

I am a Simple person with a good heart. I easily get contented with what I have in my life.

As a resourceful individual, I have a clear and logical mind with a practical approach to problem-solving and a drive to see things through up to its completion. I am eager to learn new skills and face new experiences, I enjoy overcoming challenges. I have a genuine interest in Business Management and in making organizations successful. I work efficiently under pressure, and I always find ways in positively handling every trial I face.

Always want the atmosphere to be positive, so I help other people have positive energy. I would like to fully develop all my existing qualities to the maximum level of perfection, as such, I am open-minded to whatever experiences I would encounter ahead by going to a beautiful journey that I wanted in life. I like a person that is appreciate my efforts and values me as a whole person. I am confident person. I am hardworking, flexible, God – fearing and a polite person.

I am self-reliant, well-behaved, and above all – a person with a strong character that I can manage with my own. I take initiative whenever the situation arises and come’s up whenever it is so hard to solve. I know I can make it by trusting my own self.

Above that I am passionate and enjoying my work environment and motivate other people to do the right things that are needed in life.

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